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What are the main factors affecting the quality


What are the main factors affecting the quality

1. Powder quality: The powder sintering process is based on powder, and the quality of powder has a crucial impact on product quality. Taking alumina ceramics as an example, in order to improve the quality of ceramics, we have always insisted on using high-quality imported Australian powder, and we have also made our own spray granulation to strictly control the quality of powder materials. The alumina ceramics produced have also been highly recognized by many new and old customers.


2. Sintering Kiln: Kilns also have a significant impact on powder sintering. We have been specializing in wear-resistant ceramics for 30 years and have various types of kilns such as electric kilns, gas kilns, trolley kilns, suspended firing kilns, shuttle kilns, etc., which can meet the sintering needs of various types of ceramics.

3. Sintering filler: Sintering seasoning is used in powder sintering to assist in sintering. We have always adhered to research and development, have our own filler formula, and cooperate with unique sintering processes to ensure stable ceramic quality.


Powder sintering may seem simple, but in reality, every detail is knowledge. Only by continuously studying and striving for excellence in every detail can the quality of ceramics be continuously improved.